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Help us build the People’s Network and get paid monthly!

Help Us Build The People’s Network

Over 20 Billion smart devices are connected across the globe via the Internet of Things: Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers, GPS Devices, Smart Refrigerators, Smart Fire Alarms, Smart Thermostats, Smart Bicycles, Medical Sensors, Smart Security System, Smart Locks, Water Systems etc. Right now this isn’t a problem, but as more devices come online this could begin to tremendously slow down our WiFi and Cellular networks. That’s where we come in! The People’s Network is a more energy efficient and cost effective way to maintain device connectivity while offloading this low-data traffic off of our local networks.

Help make your community smarter.

Help your community connect smart devices.

What am I hosting?

We are building a decentralized peer-to-peer network to help make your city ready for IoT. This network, governed by peers known as nodes, is more inclusive than traditional networks run by a central authority. Nodes communicate and confirm information with neighboring nodes, depending on the network, instead of an internet service provider (ISP).

A Node is smaller than a standard WiFi modem. It works best plugged into a wall outlet near a screenless window in your home. Installation requires connecting the node to your internet and determining what location provides the best balance of network signal and your comfort. We provide the Node, at no cost to you, and pay you each month it remains connected to the network.

Why do we pay you?

We build our networks differently. Bypassing the traditional telecom approach (big infrastructure, huge towers, etc.), we need lots of tiny “towers” instead of a few large ones. This gives everyone an opportunity to take part in building The People’s Network. We help spread the network and you host a node.Everyone is rewarded for participation!

Since anyone can host a Node, we expect to reach host capacity quickly. Please make sure that you fill out the form completely and receive confirmation of submission. We would hate for anyone to miss out on this opportunity.


The process:

1.Fill-in the form, we’ll contact you and get you set-up with the Node (looks like a modem)

2.Your job is to keep the node online (requires nothing from you 99% of the time)

3.We reward your contribution to the network by paying you each month, or sending you gifts and swag from the referrals you send.

Help Build The People’s Network

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