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About Us

Mycelium Networks: Decentralized by Nature

Mycelium Networks

Mycelium, in nature, is a collective of underground fungal matter that transfers nutrients, signals, and useful information between living organisms across large areas. Mycelium is nature’s most resilient communication network.


What makes these networks so resilient? The power and responsibility of communication belong to each participant. There is no central authority to govern or mediate the flow of information, just the network. Each organism participates and benefits from connecting to its peers.


Our Mission: Accelerate the world’s transition to decentralized networks. 

Mycelium Networks builds resilient communication networks. We connect homes, organizations, communities, and cities through a Decentralized Wireless network. We are your partner in making your city or organization smarter, more cost-effective, and inclusive. How can you help? Sign up to become a Host!

The largest living thing in the world is a single underground mycelium complex. As the largest mass-deployer of decentralized networking hardware, Mycelium Networks’ mission is to cultivate communities of advanced operators and users through expanding Decentralized Wireless hardware network connectivity around the world. With your help, we can bring the future to all people, everywhere.