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Enterprise Hosting

Simply install a small device in your office window. That’s it.

What benefits does DeWi bring to your organization?

Save Money

Compared to existing cellular network options, DeWi networks provide crazy cost savings. SIM cards, overage fees, data caps–no thanks. Pay only for what you use, and save your bandwidth for the data that matters.And, we subsidize your initial data cost for being an early adopter of DeWi networks?

Stay Connected

Through deploying low-priced sensors across a warehouse or corporate complex, you now have the ability to “see” your operation in a new way. IoT sensors, running over a DeWi network, will improve your capabilities in ways that will leave your competition in a daze.

Increased Efficiencies

Being connected to ground-level conditions, in real-time, displaces the need for personnel whose primary responsibility is monitoring and status reporting. Human capital can be reassigned to more productive roles. It’s time for technology to free up resources, not the other way around.

The Node

The Mycelium Nodes provide miles of wireless network coverage.
Millions of devices around you can connect to the network with innovative Proof-of-Coverage model.
Our Node only uses 5W of energy.


We present a computationally inexpensive Proof-of-Coverage that allows Miners to prove they are providing wireless network coverage. We anchor these proofs using a Proof-of-Serialization that allows miners to prove they are accurately representing time relative to others on the network in a cryptographically secure way.

Mycelium Network

We demonstrate an entirely new purpose network built to service WHIP and provide a system for authenticating and identifying devices, providing cryptographic guarantees of data transmission and authenticity, offer transaction primitives designed around WHIP, and more.

Mycelium Consensus Protocol

We present a novel consensus protocol construction that creates a permissionless, high throughput, censor-resistant system by combining an asynchronous byzantine fault tolerant protocol with identities presented via Proof-of-Coverage.



We introduce a new open-source and standards compliant wireless network protocol, called WHIP, designed for low power Devices over vast areas. This protocol is designed to run on existing commodity radio chips available from dozens of manufacturers with no proprietary technologies or modulation schemes required.


We outline a system for interpreting the physical geolocation of a Device using WHIP without the need for expensive and power-hungry satellite location hardware. Devices can make immutable, secure, and verifiable claims about their location at a given moment in time which is recorded in the network.



We present a decentralized wireless network (DWN) that provides wireless access to the Internet for Devices by way of multiple independent Miners and outlines the Mycelium network and WHIP specification by which participants in the Mycelium network should conform. Routers pay this network of Miners for sending data to and from the Internet, and Miners are rewarded with newly-minted tokens for providing network coverage and delivering Device data to the Internet.

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