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Tracker- mockup

keep the tracker on your things.

Track anything using The People’s Network.

a new way to track anything.

Tracker is a simple and affordable way to keep track of the things that matter the most to you. It uses an entirely new wireless network built specifically for this purpose – The People’s Network. You don’t need to worry about your pet running away again!

6+ Months of Battery

Most cell-based trackers last days before they need recharging, but not Tracker. Simply attach and forget!

Network Coverage

Other Bluetooth-Trackers need to be in the range of someone else’s phone to broadcast their location. Not Tabs!

Attach to Anything

Tracker has dust and water-splash protection and can be attached to anything you want to track.

no monthly costs.

a lifetime of use.

Purchase once. No recurring costs.

Unlike existing trackers, this Tracker doesn’t require a costly cell subscription to work. And unlike other Bluetooth-trackers, it doesn’t need to be near anyone else’s phone in order to be located.

The tracker works by securely transmitting its location to all nearby Hotspots, which can be found in 1,000+ cities in North America and growing constantly.

Mycelium Networks TrackerBluetooth TrackersCall-based Pet Collars
Annual FeesNoneNone$99+
RangeUp to 8 miles30 feetAround 2 miles
Battery Life6+ Months, RechargeableMonths1 Week
Requires Smartphone
to locate
NoYes, and the app must be on in the background with Bluetooth enabled

Yes, for battery-saving measures, pet collars use Bluetooth

Uses The People’s NetworkYesNoNo

simple to set up.

The Tracker is simple to set up, using the Trackers app. Simply scan the QR code on your Tracker to begin tracking. The tracker can be individually named and customized by color and icon.

Tracker App is available on iOS and Android.

where will tracker work?

Tracker uses The People’s Network which is found in over 1,000+ cities in North America. Coverage is easily created by installing a Hotspot, in your home or business.

Think about the hotspot as an internet router. It emits a LongFi signal (almost as same as the WiFi but it has 8 times the range).

Deploying your own Hotspot also allows you to earn money (HNT) – a new cryptocurrency in exchange for providing coverage

Coverage in 1,000+ Cities and Growing

The People’s Network community has deployed thousands of Mycelium Networks Hotspots already, creating coverage in over 1,000+ cities in North America.

Creating coverage takes seconds – simply connect a Hotspot to your home WiFi or Ethernet and place it somewhere with a good view.

technical specifications.

Dimensions52mm x 13mm x 52mm
Weight28 grams
SensorGNSS, 3D MEMs Accelormeter, Push Button
Temperature Rating-20C to +50C
IP RatingIP64 equivalent
Power Source4.2V LiPo 540mAh rechargeable battery
ConnectorUSB-C, cable included
Frequency902-928MHz for North America
Tx Power+19dBm conducted
Rx Sensitivity (Conducted)-140dBm
Antenna Gain-5dBi Peak, -8dBi Avg
CertificationsFCC, IC, CE, ROSH, REACH
Do not use Tracker to track individuals (or their automobiles or other property) without their consent. You are responsible for understanding and complying with all local laws.